Registration is currentlly done in-house at City Center Dance.   We do this for the simple reason that we like to take the personal approach and make sure you are registering your child for the right class.  Even though we live in the age of technology there is still nothing better than face to face moments when it comes to your child and what’s best!  Payment is required for registration; we accept cash, check, and credit cards.  Call the studio for an appointment today, 914-328-1881 or see FAQ for more information.


Monday June 18th 12pm-6pm
Tuesday June 19th 12pm-6pm
Wednesday June 20th 12pm-6pm
Thursday June 21st 12pm-6pm

Saturday June 23rd 9am-2pm

Monday June 25th 12pm-6pm
Tuesday June 26th 12pm-6pm
Wednesday June 27th 12pm-6pm
Thursday June 28th 12pm-6pm
Friday June 29th 12pm-6pm

Saturday June 30th 10am-6pm