What type of payment do you accept?

We accept check, cash, and credit card.  We do not accept any debit or gift cards.

Why don’t you accept online registration?

For the simple reason that we like to take the personal approach and make sure you are registering your child for the right class.  We know all of our students by name here at City Center Dance and want to keep it that way; and we want to get your child in the right class and get it right the first time.

So how do I register for classes?

Simple!  Just call us at the studio today (914-328-1881) and we will be happy to discuss what classes would be appropriate for your child and schedule and appointment for you to come in and register.   We also have periodic “registration hours” throughout the year when you can come in and register without an appointment.

 What are your hours?

The studio is open whenever there are scheduled classes.  Generally during the school year that means Monday – Thursday 3:30-8pm with the exception of holidays and scheduled closings (see our calendar for specific dates).  

How long does your program run?

We run our program based on a school year, September to May.  We do not offer half-year programs (with the exception of our pre-school classes and seasonal workshops) because we have found that it is not enough time for students to grasp and develop the skills that are asked of them. 

How do you know what class to put my child in?

We begin by speaking to you about how old your child is, what classes your child is interested in and what type of experience your child has.   Based on this information we give a recommendation of what class we offer that is appropriate for your child. 

Is class placement based on years of experience?

City Center Dance class placement is based on a combination of age and skill level and not necessarily based on years of experience.  If you look at professional studios around the nation you will find their classes consist mainly of beginner, beginner/intermediate, intermediate, intermediate/advanced, and advanced.  This is the foundation that City Center Dance is built upon…fewer levels, more quality.  Although we know it is difficult not to get hung up on what “level” your child is in…we are asking you to do just that.  What matters to us is that your child is learning and growing within her current skill level and then continuing to improve upon those skills regardless of what class she is in.

How long can my child expect to remain in a certain level?

At City Center Dance, in general a child should expect to remain in a particular level at least two years.  This is the average length of time it normally takes to grasp skills, understand them and be able to execute them in a satisfactory manner.  At the end of the year each child is evaluated by their teacher so we know what class your child should be in for the next year... and when you come in to register all that information is ready for you!  Of course if you have any questions about how your child is progressing we would be happy to set up a meeting with you.